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Since the WSPP Psychology Training Center is a fully functioning mental health center, student trainees gain exposure to the types of management and documentation requirements typical of outpatient mental health centers, دیدن کاغذ اصلی allowing for smoother transition to internship and post-doctoral placements. The WSPP Psychology Training Center offers a wide range of currently-employed psychological assessment instruments to evaluate clients’ cognitive, academic, emotional and social functioning, and these instruments are available for student use with their clients. Individual, couples and/or family psychotherapy services are also offered in the WSPP Psychology Training Center. If you are interested in assessment or psychotherapy services, please select the “Contact Us” link to the left on this page. The CU Denver Psychology Clinic is currently providing psychotherapy and assessment services in person in compliance with CU policy. Please note: A referral from a health, workplace or educational professional is required for cognitive assessment. Common reasons for referral can include depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, parenting issues, child behavior problems, among many others. We will contact you within one to two days of getting your referral. Therapy sessions range from one or two sessions to longer-term therapy depending on what you want to focus on. Sessions are only available during the academic year (beginning of September through the end of April). All services are supervised by faculty in the Psychology Department. Clinic Director Dr. Rebecca Schacht manages the clinic in consultation with Psychology Department clinical faculty. The mission of the Positive Psychology Clinic is to facilitate existing human strengths that promote meaningful, engaged, enjoyable life. Clients’ concerns are treated with sensitivity and care, and treatment plans are culturally informed and collaboratively created around existing strengths. Services are provided by master’s students in clinical psychology. Students receive supervision in ratios appropriate to their skill levels, with closer monitoring at more basic levels and less as skills increase. Psychologists equip people with the skills needed to function better and to prevent problems such as work stress, relationship troubles and coping with illness that’s seriously affecting your life. Counseling for parents to learn valuable parenting and communication skills for use with their children. Examples of difficulties experienced by children or adolescents and their families that are treated at our clinics are: attention problems, anxiety and specific phobias (e.g., social anxiety), depression, grief, behavioral problems, peer difficulties, and parenting challenges.